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Waterproof TV Leads, Cables & Connections

Waterproof TV Cables & Connections

Aqualite Outdoor have left nothing to chance, and that includes connectivity.  All Aqualite screens come complete with a 3 metre long cable loom and enter the base of the screen via a secure and robust weatherproof cable entry system.

USB and Memory Card Slots

All of our products come with an in-built USB and SD card reader (inside a lockable section on the product) allowing you to play/auto-play your content directly to the screen, a handy feature  so there’s no need to connect to a separate computer or laptop.

Waterproof TV Inputs

– 1 x HDMI – 1 x VGA – 1 x Component – 1 x RF (aerial) – 1 x Composite – 1 x Audio left/right – 1 x SD Card – 1 x USB (RS232 throughput)

Waterproof TV Outputs

– 1 x Audio left/right – 2 x speaker cables (output from 12W internal amp)

Outdoor TV Speakers

Weatherproof speakers are included, giving 7 watts per channel.