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Aqualite Waterproof TV Screen Display Monitors

Weatherproof & Waterproof TV Display Screens

Whether you wish to display TV images, advertising or digital signage you can rest assured that the AquaLite range of all weather, outdoor TV screens will allow you to do so in the highest possible quality.

AquaLite Outdoor IP66-rated waterproof & weatherproof TV digital signs, screens & displays are available as standard in four sizes; 32”, 42”, 55″ & 65″ with larger sizes made to order.

All outdoor TV screens are Full HD 1080P and our top of the range LED backlit TV screens offer more than double the brightness capability of your average LCD TV at home. Download Outdoor TV Technical Specifications pdf

Waterproof LCD & LED TV Digital Signage

Our premium AQLH range of outdoor LCD TV screens are backlit with LED lighting technology. This is not screen edge- only LED lighting, as with the current crop of consumer indoor LED TVs, but full LED coverage behind the LCD TV panel.

The LED brightness can easily be adjusted via the supplied remote control and on-screen menu, so that the TV screen is displaying the optimum brightness for various outdoor conditions.

Lower power consumption requirements of LED will also be better for the environment and lead to cheaper electricity bills for the end user than that of an equivalent LCD TV screen.

Outdoor Waterproof TV Screens & Monitors

There are two different AquaLite Outdoor waterproof TV ranges; AQLH and AQLS. Both ranges are identical apart from the addition of LED backlighting in the AQLH premium range. Whilst both ranges are fully weatherproof and suitable for hostile environments, the superior brightness capabilities of the AQLH range give it the edge in sunlight conditions.

Aqualite Waterproof  TV screens are rust resistant and can withstand temperatures from minus 20 degrees to forty-five degrees Centigrade. The 6mm toughened tempered glass front is dipped in an anti-reflective coating when manufactured, ensuring the displays can be viewed with ease in bright conditions.

Heat Regulation

The ability to prevent the effects of condensation in minus temperatures and humidity in hot temperatures is no mean feat. By using a specially developed array of internal fans, the screens temperature is regulated so it can work within the specified temperature limits.

Waterproof TV USB and Memory Card Slots

All our AquaLite Outdoor waterproof TV monitors have one USB input and one SD card reader input. There’s no need to attach a full PC or Laptop to display information constantly on a loop, such as upcoming events at the pub shown at half time.

Waterproof TV Cables and Connections

Aqualite Outdoor have left nothing to chance, and that includes connectivity. All waterproof connection cables are 3m in length as standard and enter the TV screen via a secure and weatherproof cable entry system.

– 1 x HDMI
– 1 x VGA
– 1 x Component
– 1 x RF (aerial)
– 1 x S-Video
– 1 x Composite
– 1 x Audio left/right
– 1 x SD Card
– 1 x USB (RS232 throughput)

– 1 x Audio left/right
– 2 x speaker cables (output from 12W internal amp)

Waterproof TV Distributors & Suppliers

We are currently recruiting AV & TV distributors, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to expand our network in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden