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Ex Display Outdoor TV Screens for Sale

Refurbished Outdoor TV Screens For Sale

We evaluate and often refurbish our ex-demo, ex-display and ex-rental screens for re-sale at reduced prices. These refurbished display screens are returned to our London-based workshop and receive the full service treatment in order to return them back to condition and robust working order. We ensure that each screen looks as good as possible or simply re-box if there is only outer box damage.

All internals at a component level are checked and rigorously tested. If parts are required then we simply replace them. This of course includes the fan heating and cooling systems and sometimes the motherboard. Any repairs that are required receive attention as soon as possible and we aim to leave them on test for at least 48 hours.

We then re-seal  and test to ensure they meet our IP66 rating standard and we only use high quality parts and robust materials. Once this process is finished, each and every product is issued with a brand new 1 year (return to base) warranty.