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Product Ranges

AQLH32, AQLH42, AQLH55, AQLH65, AQLH82 – High Brightness TVAQLS32, AQLS42, AQLS55, AQLS65, AQLS82 – Standard Brightness TV

Aqualite Outdoor IP66-rated purpose built weatherproof displays are available in six screen sizes; 32”  42″  55″  65″ and 82″ with smaller or larger sizes available to order. An Aqualite screen is NOT a screen in a box or separate housing as this can cause loss of picture clarity and reliability issues. All screens offer Full-HD, 1080p picture resolution and our top of the range sunlight-readable, High Brightness, LED backlit screens, offer a 1,500cd/m2 brightness level, this is three times the brightness of your average living room LCD TV. Whether you wish to display TV or communicate general information, you can rest assured that the Aqualite range will allow you to do so in confidence and in the highest possible quality.

LED Technology

Our premium High Brightness (AQLH) range of outdoor LCD screens offer a brightness level of 1,500cd/m2 and are backlit with LED lighting technology. This is not just ‘screen-edge-only’ LED lighting a feature with most consumer LED TV products, Aqualite screens offer full-width LED lighting/coverage behind the entire LCD panel.

All Aqualite screens feature an ambient light sensor, this allows the screen to automatically adjust the brightness to the specific outdoor conditions however the LED brightness can be adjusted via the remote control via a simple on-screen menu should you wish to manually increase or decrease the brightness for your outdoor condition. Lower power consumption requirements of LED will also be better for the environment and lead to cheaper electricity bills for the end user than that of an equivalent LCD screen.

Different Models

There are two different AquaLite Outdoor product ranges; AQLH and AQLS. Both ranges are identical apart from the addition of LED backlighting in the AQLH High-Brightness range. Whilst both ranges are fully IP66 rated, weatherproof and suitable for hostile environments, the superior brightness capabilities of the AQLH range give them the edge in sunlight conditions.

All models are rust resistant and can withstand temperatures from -20ºC to +55ºC.  The 6mm toughened tempered glass front is dipped a total of four times,  twice in an anti-reflective coating when manufactured, ensuring the displays can be viewed with ease even in bright conditions, and if that’s not enough there is an option available to fit an additional Aqualite Anti Reflective film

Heat Regulation

The ability to prevent the effects of condensation in minus temperatures and humidity in hot temperatures is no mean feat. By using a specially developed array of internal fans, the screens temperature is regulated so it can work within the specified temperature limits.

USB and Memory Card Slots

Usb and Memory

All our AquaLite Outdoor models have one USB input and one SD card reader input.
There’s no need to attach a full PC or Laptop to display information constantly on a loop, simply use prerecorded material on the USB or SD card reader.

Cables and Connections

Aqualite Outdoor have left nothing to chance, and that includes connectivity.
All connection cables are 3m in length as standard and enter the screen via a secure and weatherproof cable entry system.

Cables and Connections


– 1 x HDMI
– 1 x VGA
– 1 x Component
– 1 x RF (aerial)
– 1 x Composite
– 1 x Audio left/right
– 1 x SD Card
– 1 x USB (RS232 throughput)


– 1 x Audio left/right
– 2 x speaker cables (output from 12W internal amp)


*Speakers included. These little speaker carcases may not be much to look at but being completely waterproof & packing a powerful audio punch they are very versatile.

Place them under or on top of the AquaLite, hang them in a tree, or build your own housing, the choice is yours.


AquaLite are proud to announce the launch of our newest and technically most advanced product yet. The AQPC range of screens are available in 32”, 42” and 52” sizes and feature a powerful embedded PC within the weatherproof IP66-rated casing of the screen. All three screen sizes offer Full HD 1080p resolution with comprehensive cable connections, as well as USB and SD card inputs. 6mm toughened safety glass with an anti-reflective coating, the clever internal cooling system and the coated and sealed steel chassis all do their part to withstand the ever changing and unpredictable elements of the outdoors.

The new AQL-PC screens are based on our AQLS-range They are therefore equipped with all the same extensive features, but with the additional benefit of an integrated PC. Whilst the varied and extensive applications for the screens remain, the PC’s omni-directional wi-fi antenna technology really opens up the possibilities for digital signage and advertising. It has never been easier to display real-time content of your choice on the screens outside at any one time. This is of particular note where running cables from an existing PC indoors to an AquaLite screen outdoors is either difficult or not possible.

Technical specifications for the PC include;

Intel dual core 2.5GHz processor,

Windows embedded,

2 Gb Ram,

250Gb hard drive and TP-Link 300Hz wi-fi card.

If using the AQPC screen for digital signage duties, you’ll need to choose the digital signage software that best suits your individual requirements from the multitude of packages out there.

Applications Include:

  • Pubs and Clubs
  • General Digital Signage Apps
  • Education (Campuses)
  • Garden Centres
  • Train and Bus Stations
  • Leisure Clubs eg. Golf Courses
  • Stadiums
  • Wildlife Parks
  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Vehicle Side Advertising
  • Command and Control Units
  • Yachts