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Outdoor Touch TV Digital Signage Display Screens

Aqualite outdoor touch TV digital display screens will stop people in their tracks. Stunning graphics combined with virtual guides, exciting and even live video feeds, advertisements and forthcoming event information.  Keep your customers attention, keep them engaged AND keep them informed. They’ll enable you to address a brand new audience and customer whilst creating and generating revenue.

Touch TV Digital Signage Display

With the quality and reliability of Aqualite Outdoor, Europe’s leading manufacturer of outdoor IP66 rated digital signage display screens, we are proud to announce our Aqualite Outdoor Interactive Touch Screen television monitors. In screen sizes from 32″ – 82″ available in Standard Brightness (500cd/m2)  or High Brightness (1,500cd/m2) models.

Download Touch Screen Technical Specification pdf

Aqualite Outdoor IP66 Rated Interactive Touch Screens are BIG news. They help you to create powerful, engaging communications with customers at times and in situations where you wouldn’t normally be able to reach them. Best of all, they’re intuitive and easy to use. Simply touch the screen and let your curiosity and imagination take over.

Touch Screen Displays For Schools & Colleges

Make dull communication a thing of the past with Aqualite Touch. Our outdoor touch screens make your communications active, engaging and exciting, allowing customers, students families and visitors to learn and engage with fresh and exciting content, all day, every day. In short, they bring the WOW factor to learning and forge a completely new type of relationship with your audience…..A dynamic one!

Touch Screen Displays for Cinemas & Box Offices

Allow your customer to browse and preview films, adverts and trailers – buy their tickets, pre-order their pop-corn and drinks and be sent in the right direction! It’s the Box Office that’s always open!

Touch Screen TV Displays For Retail Advertising

Finally, retailers have the luxury of always being open for business. Let’s face it, we all like to touch things and be in control of what we see and watch. With an Aqualite Touch, let your customer be in charge, navigate, locate and explore their own information about your business. In the digital age, it makes complete sense. With Aqualite outdoor touch you can consistently communicate with your customers…..outside, come rain or shine.

Touch Screen Displays For Digital Signage

Sometimes people just can’t find what they’re looking for. Now you can help! Aqualite Touch will allow your customers to engage in unique ways, planning their own route, be it around a Retail Shopping Mall, Theme Park, Zoo, Business Park, Exhibition Hall or even a Car Park!

Touch Screen Displays for Businesses and Offices

Entrances to business areas and conferences can at last be brought to life. Anything is possible from interactive agendas, venue route-planners, information on key-note speakers and session attendance booking. Let your audience decide their chosen business network and which breakout session/workshop to attend!

UK Outdoor TV Screens Retailers & Sign Companies

Aqualite Outdoor TV are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen reatailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers in the UK. Help us to succesfully develop outdoor advertising and signage business opportunities in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, Newcastle and Bradford

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