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TV Display Screens At Stadiums, Parks & Zoos

TV Display Screens At Tourist Attractions

All Weather Digital Signage & Queue Management at Chester Zoo
All Weather Digital Signage & Queue Management at the Entrance to Chester Zoo

Aqualite Outdoor TV screens can be used for outside advertising displays or to manage queues or direct customers and passengers in busy reception areas at music or arts festivals, garden centres, shopping malls, airports, train stations, schools, colleges, universities, outdoor events, trade shows, exhibitions, race courses, sporting events, stadiums, swimming pools, zoos, tourist attractions and theme parks.

Martin King, the Head of IT at Chester Zoo explains how the new all weather Aqualite TV display screens have been deployed to manage the queues at Chester Zoo.

Its been an exciting project using all of my IT team’s skills. The IT development team made the fastrack software, and bought 8 Dicoll kiosks, customising them to run our software. We then linked them to the Aqualite overhead screens, which we can use to dynamically change the queues.

‘I was recommended to use Aqualite outdoor TV screens by PureAV, and after a convincing demonstration we decided it was the right product for us. The main features that separated it from the competition were price, durability and the quality. Providing a full HD picture in an Outdoor, fully IP rated screen with high brightness options ticked every box for our application. We needed the TV displays to look good, display a great picture and have enough brightness to be seen when the sun was out in full view. We are very pleased with the product and I would recommend them to anybody seeking a similar solution.’

‘We can now send prepaid visitors, groups etc to specific queues using the screens which we can dynamically change from a web page. If we know there are a lot of big groups coming through we can change some of the screens to create dedicated groups entrances etc, depending on the visitor flow on the day.’