Outdoor LED & LCD TV Display Screens

The Aqualite Outdoor range of waterproof and weatherproof TV screens are suitable for static and mobile outdoor advertising, digital messaging and signage display installations in retail, hospitality, education, corporate, transportation, health care, outdoor event, marine and entertainment locations. Click here to  Download Tech Specs

Aqualite TV screens are available in the following sizes – 26, 32 ,42, 55, 65, 70, 82, 100 & 136

Liffey1Residential or Industrial LED TV Screens
Aqualite TV digital display screens are suitable for use in harsh and extreme conditions such as factories, food processing facilities, mines, quarries, oil refineries, construction sites, airports, ships and shipping ports, ferry and bus terminals, train stations, gas and oil rigs in arctic, desert or even tropical locations. Contact Us For More Information

On board SunsekerWater, Moisture & Condensation Proof TV Screens
Water and electricity do not mix! Aqualite Outdoor TVs are built to withstand water in all its forms, be it fog, rain, sleet or snow and can even withstand being drenched by sea water, pressure washers and power hoses. Perfect for installation in gardens and patios, bathrooms, hot-tub and pool areas, Read more here waterproof tv display screens

Chester_ZooTemperature Controlled for Extreme Heat & Cold
Aqualite display screens can withstand outdoor temperature ranges from -20°C to +55°C and an internal temperature regulation system protects all TV components, whether switched on or off. The temperature regulation system includes a thermostat and a series of fans to maintain a constant internal TV temperature. more on heat & cold resistant TVs

Outdoor Mobile Advertising DisplayAnti Glare Film For High TV Screen Visability
Our High Brightness Aqualite Outdoor digital display screens are up to THREE times as bright as a typical indoor television. With the addition of an anti-glare coating to reduce reflection and glare. Sunny outdoor or bright indoor conditions are well suited to Aqualite TV. anti glare tv screens.

IMG_9648ATouch Screen TV Display Screens
Our new range of Aqualite Outdoor Touch screens give the user complete interactivity and freedom to choose what they select and view. Brand new technology and previously unseen in mainstream outdoor applications. Bring your content to life and let your customers be in control. more on touch screen advertising & signage

colour_wheelColour Options…We let you decide!
White for a yacht? or pale blue to exactly match your Corporate Pantone Colour? All Aqualite IP66 rated screens can be weatherproof coated in any colour. Simply give us your colour reference or RAL code and please allow an additional ten days for this service. As you would expect, we provide high-end finishes and use tried-and-tested exterior formulations from the worlds largest coatings company.

London ‘cycle culture hub’ chooses Aqualite for Olympic Screenings! – August 2016

LookmumnohandslogoFounded in 2010 Look mum no hands! remains a trailblazer combining a café, a bicycle workshop, a bar, and exhibition space and was one of the very first London Cycle Cafes.  Their summer newspaper states that they’re bananas about three things: bikes, coffee and beer! So a visit to one of their now three London venues is bound to be an exciting experience! Even better, bring your bike along, get it checked over whilst you enjoy a coffee!

Pay them a visit and you’ll find that a true passion for quality and friendly service guides all elements of their business. Baristas, mechanics and chefs will take care of almost any need. Coffee comes from local roasters Square Mile, cakes from nearby bakeries, freshly prepared food everyday serves breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:30am – 9pm. Wash it all down with craft beer from specialist London breweries and beyond.

Aqualite_Look_Mum_No_HandsLook mum no hands! Co-founder and Master of Spanners, Sam got in touch with Aqualite back in May and they had their 65” Aqualite screen delivered and up and running by June.

“The screen has been specially positioned in an outdoor theatre with tables and seating for over 70 people. When the sun’s out, it gets very busy!”

Their new pop-up location, along the Southbank of the Thames (under Hungerford Bridge) opened in July and runs through to September. Here you’ll find the very best oAqualite_Look_Mum_No_Hands1f LMNH hospitality, serving good coffee, craft beer and fresh food around the clock – as well as the screening of live sports events, including the 2016 Rio Olympics.

A packed programme of exhibitions, film screenings, live cyclesport and even cycle speed dating ensure that LMNH is always buzzing with all the different elements of London’s cycle culture!


Daily Mail Rates Aqualite ‘Best of the Bunch’ in Outdoor TV Test

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 15.19.59



Saturday 16th July 2016 – Daily Mail (Newspaper and Mail Online)

VERDICT: Aqualite…”The best of the bunch of regular outdoor TVs — if you’ve got the cash. The high-gloss screen is a bit of a let down, though. 7/10″

Daily Mail’s Film Critic, Brian Viner tests the new breed of outdoor TVs and asks the question…….”Is it time you got a TV in your garden?” in a recent article on Outdoor Weatherproof TVs.

They work come rain or shine and growing numbers of us say they’re a must-have. BRIAN VINER tests the new breed of outdoor tellys.

Brian Viner explains…

“Manufacturers have cottoned on to increasing demand with a new range of high-definition smart TVs, boasting all the functions of a good indoors set — and the ability to withstand everything from blazing sun to lashing rain and even snow.”

“As this paper’s film critic I spend an awful lot of time watching screens in darkened rooms; it seemed like a treat to do it from the comfort of a deckchair, glass of beer in hand.”

So I decided to give some of the latest models a try. They all require mains power so, depending on how close your nearest socket is to your back door, you’ll probably need an extension cord.

Mind you, I now have my wife to contend with, rather than my mother. ‘Why on earth would you want to be watching television at all on a lovely summer’s day?’ she asked. This time around, I had a ready answer. ‘Because the sun is out — and the cricket is on!’

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 14.52.51


TEST: With a handsome black surround, this gained even the grudging approval of my hard-to-please family. The IP66 protection means it will cope with temperatures up to 68c, and as low as 20 degrees below zero, which just about covers all four seasons at my home in Herefordshire.

There is also the capacity to build a PC into the model, turning it into a kind of giant home computer that you control with a touchscreen — although that’s intended more for interactive use at visitor attractions than for your garden.

The sound came through two small attachable ten-watt speakers, and the picture quality was decent, although as with all the models boasting high-gloss screens, I had to fiddle with the positioning of my deckchair before I could completely get rid of the sun’s reflective glare.

“On the whole, though, I was impressed with the Aqualite. The company proudly claims that its TVs work well in factories, mines, quarries, airports and ships, as well as on gas and oil rigs in Arctic, desert or even tropical locations.”

Now it can add that it can also handle the rigours of a Herefordshire patio.

VERDICT: The best of the bunch of regular outdoor TVs — if you’ve got the cash. The high-gloss screen is a bit of a let down, though. 7/10

Read the full article here: 

Big Screen LED TVs To Show Euros, Wimbledon & Olympics

Record TV viewing figures are expected for the Euros, Wimbledon and Olympics this year and owners of pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants can capitalise on these events with Aqualite Outdoor’s range of all weather, big screen LED TV displays.

Big Screen LED TVs
Big Screen LED TV Display Panels

Recent research suggests that nearly 30% of all consumers are planning to watch the Euros, Wimbledon or the Olympics in a pub

Aqualite TV screens are available in the following sizes – 26, 32 ,42, 55, 65, 70, 82, 100 & 136 and are perfect for outdoor screening of the Euros, Wimbledon and the Olympics this summer.

Aqualite Outdoor’s all weather, big screen LED TV displays are IP66 rated and are proven winners for outside broadcasts. Our screens are popular for a host of commercial applications, often being used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kim Menen of Aqualite Outdoor advises, “These great sporting events are a real boon for publicans and bar owners especially if they have outdoor smoking areas, beer gardens or terraces. By installing an outdoor TV, owners can attract customers, boost trade and allow their customers to enjoy the Euros, Wimbledon and the Olympics along with, hopefully, some decent late summer weather!”

“Ordinary indoor TV screens are not robust enough to withstand the damp, heat and dust and simply placing the screen in some form of weatherproof container or enclosure can hamper the picture quality or restrict viewing angles.

The Aqualite range of outdoor display screens can withstand the extremes that a European summer can produce be it bad weather or good weather and also gives viewers the very best viewing experience.”

“They’re the perfect companion to any pub and bar which has an outside area, and before and after the big match why not use your screens to let your customers know about any competitions and promotions you’re running as well as the obvious one, food and drink offers!”

The use of multiple screens within your venue is a sure-fire winner, and this means not just inside, but outside as well to accommodate possible customer over spill. Wouldn’t that be a nice problem to have!

For more information about Aqualite Outdoor big screen LED TVs, please contact us


Outdoor TV Screen At The George South Woodford

Positioned on a busy open road on the border with London and West Essex, The George in South Woodford is a long established pub serving a huge local and diverse community as well as a large passing trade.

The George South Woodford Aqualite3

The George South Woodford Aqualite

Staff at The George serve with passion and experience and offer a wide selection of quality drinks in addition to a well-rounded, seasonal menu with a great variety of pub-classics.

The George, with its good food, beers, wines and spirits, is a traditional pub during the day and when the day turns into evening it morphs into a beautifully lit, warm and friendly pub with a lively atmosphere. The George is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest pubs in the area, next door to a busy Odeon Cinema and with a host of local restaurants offering food from around the world. The George enjoys a long established history, going back over 200 years.

Manager Stephen O’Halloran has been responsible for The George for over 8 years and has a vast experience in the pub trade in which he’s worked for over 20 years.

Stephen says, “We were lucky enough to have an Aqualite 42” screen installed here about 6 years ago, when many pubs were still getting their heads around the Governments Smoking Ban. This couldn’t have really come at a worse time as it was shortly followed by a pretty bad recession which was starting to bite.

The George South Woodford Aqualite4

We weren’t losing that many customers, thankfully we have a lot of regulars,  but we certainly had to find new ways to keep attracting them to our pub.Hence the outside smoking area, complete with awning, patio heating and of course, the Aqualite screen.

At first we didn’t even have SKY Sports, so we used to cover the screen over for a majority of the time, because I was terrified of it walking” ”Pretty pointless really” Steven adds.  Our SKY Sports package soon followed though as did a fully alarmed Unicol anti-theft bracket for the TV.

“In the seven or so years since we’ve had the screen, I’ve been delighted and amazed with it! It’s definitely one of the best outdoor screens I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a few!”

 “I have to say that the brightness is second to none, I can even see how bright it is from inside the pub! That’s just my opinion” he adds. “It’s what our customers say that really counts”

The George South Woodford Aqualite1

We now have the screen on pretty much all day, every day. Our customers love it out here especially when the big game’s on and the sun’s out! He adds.

“I saw a regular TV screen recently installed in a pub, which had been placed in a box, that wasn’t good to see” I think it had only been installed a few months ago and already the condensation was showing. I’m just glad that we’ve got the real thing.

Mark Ebsworth, Sales and Marketing at Aqualite comments…
“It was so great to get along to The George in South Woodford to see how just one of our Aqualite screens is adding real value to such a great and long established pub! It’s great when pubs like this, not only keep up with the times but also appreciate what technology can do for them.

The George South Woodford Aqualite2

Our screens are designed for 24/7 use, that may not be the case here, but it’s a real pleasure to see our screen still going strong for over seven years. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the pub over the coming months to see if we can be of any more help – it was lovely to get some time with Stephen and actually hear how the Aqualite is performing, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak”

To learn more about how Aqualite screens can help your business, please contact Aqualite on the number below on +44  (0)  20 7586 6374


Outdoor Event Advertising & Signage – IP66 LCD & LED Display Screens

AquaLite outdoor LCD and LED waterproof. all weather, advertising and signage display screens offer the highest possible visability for outdoor advertising campaigns, ensuring your marketing messages reach the target audience at this summer’s outdoor events.

Aqualite Outdoor have worked closely with our distributors to develop the latest outdoor, all weather LCD and LED digital display panels and waterproof TV screens that help companies keep their customers entertained outside and informed in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Aqualite Outdoor LCD & LED TV screens can be used for outside event advertising displays or as part of an external digital signage system to manage queues or direct customers and passengers in busy reception areas at outdoor events such as music or arts festivals, garden centres, shopping malls, airports, train stations, schools, colleges, universities, outdoor events, trade shows, exhibitions, race courses, sporting events, stadiums, swimming pools, zoos, tourist attractions and theme parks.

For more details of the AQLS, AQLH, AQLS-PC and  AQHS-PC range of outdoor, waterproof TV display screens, panels, displays & monitors, for UK and European trade and export enquiries or to find your local Aqualite Outdoor TV screen supplier, distributor or installer please telephone 00 (44)  207 449 1775 or contact us.

Weather, Water, Heat, Humidity, Dust & Insect Proof Outdoor TV Screens

Aqualite Outdoor  TV screens and display panels are resistant to rain, sleet, snow, ice, high humidity, low humidity, heat, sunlight, dust and insects.

Combining modern cutting edge design with the latest LCD TV technology, the Aqualite range of IP66 waterproof & weatherproof TVs are suitable for outdoor and indoor entertainment, outdoor digital signage & external advertising displays.

Aqualite”s range of  outside TVs even come with fully waterproof cables and connections for installation in gardens and patios, in damp or wet areas around swimming pools or even for use in harsh marine enviroments on board yachts and boats.

Designed with stylish weatherproof best online casino casings, 6mm toughened glass and an anti glare and anti-reflective film, our LCD, LED, HD & Smart TV screens deliver crystal clear digital images for all outside locations, whatever the weather, come rain or shine.

Follow the link for more information about becoming a distributor or supplier of Aqualite”s range of waterproof, weatherproof, heat proof, humidity proof, insect resistant outside TVs and display panels.

Anti Glare, Anti Reflective Film For Daylight Readable TV Screens & Signs

AquaLite Outdoor TV screens have anti glare film to create an anti reflective, clear and protective coating that reduces sun and snow glare & reflection for higher visibility outside in daylight

At the recent Midwich Technology Exposed Showcase held at Ascot Race Course & with over 80 AV manufacturers in attendance Aqualite Outdoor decided that this would be an opportune time to show off their new anti reflective film and anti glare coating for outdoor  LCD and LED TV advertising & digital signage screens, panels, monitors & displays

AquaLite Outdoor are manufacturers and trade distributors of specialist IP66 rated waterproof & weatherproof outdoor TV screens. Kim Menen Director of Aqualite said ‘Whilst the AquaLite range of outdoor tv screens has 4 AR coatings on each side of the toughened glass, there is still an element of glare in really high ambient light environments. Outdoor environments can sometimes be especially bright and therefore cause unwanted reflection.’

Specially developed for AquaLite Outdoor the AQAR Film (AquaLite Anti Reflective Film) is easy to apply, 0.006mm thin, & reduces glare by an incredible 65%. All this as well as having anti scratch properties along with leaving no residue if removed & then re-used.

Bryan Denyar Editor & owner of the Trade publication AV News who watched a demonstration of the anti glare coating at the show commented that the film would be a great advantage to Education in high bright environments where glare is an issue in the classroom.

He also said that he wished to commit to some editorial for his News Paper & thought that anti glare film had great potential considering the market for outdoor advertising & digital signage screens, panels, monitors & displays

The anti glare film can be cut to the exact size required & exceeds a 50” surface area of an standard LCD or Plasma TV Screen.

Waterproof TV For Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower, Jacuzzi or Pool Area

You can view Aqualite Waterproof TV whilst in the shower, or from the comfort of your bath, pool, hot tub or jaccuzzi. If used in a steamy bathroom, its heated screen technology will continue to give you one of the clearest pictures around, however hot you like your bath.

Waterproof TV For Bathrooms & Hot Tubs
Waterproof TV For Bathrooms & Hot Tubs

Created to give that added touch of luxury and designed to unobtrusively combine with the decor of your bathroom. Aqualite Waterproof TV units are supplied complete and ready to fit.  You can also use it in the sauna, above the work top in your kitchen or even fitted into a garden feature.

The Aqualite Bathroom TV is simple to install and looks a million dollars.

Waterproof Bathroom TV Suppliers & Distributors For all UK bathroom TV sales enquiries & to casino find your local Aqualite waterproof TV distributor, importer or reseller please contact us.

Cheap Ex Demo & Ex Display Bathroom  TVs Aqualite refurbish ex demo, ex display and ex rental  LCD, LED and HD waterproof TV screens for resale in the secondhand market..

Best Bathroom TV Deals & Special Offers Check our list of reduced and discounted flat screen waterproof TV display panels suitable for watching TV in bathrooms, kitchens and all wet areas

Bathroom TV Distributors & Suppliers

We are currently recruiting AV & TV distributors, wholesalers, importers and suppliers to expand our network in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

Outdoors TV Advertising Display Screens

Outdoors digital TV displays has become as important part of the advertising mix. Advances in the design and production of flat screen LCD & LED TV display screens are presenting small and medium sized business owners, marketeers and advertisers with outdoor advertising opportunities previously only available to larger companies or multinational corporations.

Kim Menem, CEO of Aqualite Outdoor takes up the story.ertising

‘Who ever thought the time would come when delicate LCD TVs could be left working outside in conditions ranging from freezing cold,  torrential rain to blisteringly summer heat, without fear of damage from the elements?’

‘Well that time is here now. Outdoor advertisers can now promote their brand, products or services among potential customers as they go about their daily business.’

‘More and more businesses are now taking their marketing strategy outside to reach a whole new audience. The AquaLite range of waterproof and weatherproof outdoor TV display panels allow companies to position their marketing messages in all outdoor locations from large digital billboard displays to smaller screens on kiosks, bus shelters and even on the sides of company vehicles.’

Why not advertise your company at an outdoor event, or broadcast marketing material throughout shopping malls, car parks, train stations? In addition, using AquaLite Outdoor displays for public information purposes can also increase efficiency and awareness.

For more information on digital signage contact Kim on +44 (0) 207 449 1775