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Mobile Advertising Digital Display Screens

Mobile Advertising Digital Display Screens

Aqualite high visibility screens are ideal for all mobile advertising display installations, from a small display unit on the back of a pick up or van to multiple LCD advertising display screens mounted on the sides of lorries, coaches or busses.

Why not advertise or promote your company at an outdoor event, or broadcast marketing material while traveling on motorways or through targeted towns and cities?

Outdoor Mobile Advertising Display
Mobile Advertising Display Screens

AquaLite external advertising display screens are designed with durable waterproof casings, waterproof cables and connections, 6mm toughened glass and an anti glare film and reflective coating for daylight readable, high visability images outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight.

AquaLite Outdoor IP66-rated waterproof advertising displays are available as standard in three sizes; 32 inch, 42 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch with larger sizes made to order.

Mobile Digital Advertising Panel
HTC One Coach Installation

Who ever thought the time would come when delicate LCD TVs could be left working outside in conditions ranging from freezing cold, to blisteringly hot, without fear of damage from the elements?! Well that time is here now.

In addition, using AquaLite Outdoor digital TV display panels, screens & signs for mobile public information purposes can dramatically increase brand awareness.

The only limit to potential mobile advertising applications for AquaLite Outdoor is your imagination.