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Midwich Distributors of Aqualite Outdoor LCD & LED TV Displays

Waterproof LED TV Distributor Midwich has signed a deal with Aqualite, a supplier of IP66 rated weatherproof displays.

The Aqualite range of IP66 rated weatherproof displays is comprised of 32, 42 and 52in size formats with a choice of either LED or conventional backlighting.

All Aqualite screens, whether LED backlit or standard, are online casino fitted with anti-reflective glass, concealed USB and SD inputs, twin digital and analogue tuners, a waterproof cable entry system and waterproof speakers designed for hospitality and signage.

Lee Baker, business manager at Midwich, said: ‘All Aqualite IP66 rated displays are fitted with a 6mm panel of toughened, anti-reflective glass and offer 1,500 candelas of brightness with Full 1080p HD picture quality.

The display itself is purpose built; it is not simply a screen set in a weatherproof casing. Aqualite weatherproof displays will find their niche in pub beer gardens and other outside venues.’