Outdoors TV Advertising Display Screens

Outdoors digital TV displays has become as important part of the advertising mix. Advances in the design and production of flat screen LCD & LED TV display screens are presenting small and medium sized business owners, marketeers and advertisers with outdoor advertising opportunities previously only available to larger companies or multinational corporations.

Kim Menem, CEO of Aqualite Outdoor takes up the story.ertising

‘Who ever thought the time would come when delicate LCD TVs could be left working outside in conditions ranging from freezing cold,  torrential rain to blisteringly summer heat, without fear of damage from the elements?’

‘Well that time is here now. Outdoor advertisers can now promote their brand, products or services among potential customers as they go about their daily business.’

‘More and more businesses are now taking their marketing strategy outside to reach a whole new audience. The AquaLite range of waterproof and weatherproof outdoor TV display panels allow companies to position their marketing messages in all outdoor locations from large digital billboard displays to smaller screens on kiosks, bus shelters and even on the sides of company vehicles.’

Why not advertise your company at an outdoor event, or broadcast marketing material throughout shopping malls, car parks, train stations? In addition, using AquaLite Outdoor displays for public information purposes can also increase efficiency and awareness.

For more information on digital signage contact Kim on +44 (0) 207 449 1775

Midwich Distributors of Aqualite Outdoor LCD & LED TV Displays

Waterproof LED TV Distributor Midwich has signed a deal with Aqualite, a supplier of IP66 rated weatherproof displays.

The Aqualite range of IP66 rated weatherproof displays is comprised of 32, 42 and 52in size formats with a choice of either LED or conventional backlighting.

All Aqualite screens, whether LED backlit or standard, are online casino fitted with anti-reflective glass, concealed USB and SD inputs, twin digital and analogue tuners, a waterproof cable entry system and waterproof speakers designed for hospitality and signage.

Lee Baker, business manager at Midwich, said: ‘All Aqualite IP66 rated displays are fitted with a 6mm panel of toughened, anti-reflective glass and offer 1,500 candelas of brightness with Full 1080p HD picture quality.

The display itself is purpose built; it is not simply a screen set in a weatherproof casing. Aqualite weatherproof displays will find their niche in pub beer gardens and other outside venues.’