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Hotel & Restaurant Digital Signage Display Screens

Dynamic digital signage display screenss are becoming more and more popular in hotels, resorts, restaurants and casinos. The high visibility displays build up an efficient communication platform between hospitality and leisure venue owners and customers. With smart touch TV digital signage display networks, customers can easily access to all kinds of up-to-date information and entertaining programs easily.

Aqualite digital signage display solutions bring not only a modern, advanced corporate image to hotels but also new interactive services for customers. Administrators can update information centrally and immediately. Last but not least, it increases customers’ satisfaction and, furthermore, encourages repeat visits and increases sales revenue.

electronic advertising, digital signs and restaurant menu boards for hotel dining rooms, refectories, cafes, gastro pubs, hotels, fast food restaurants, drive thru restaurants, themed bars and take aways.

Digital Signage Display Screens For Restaurants, Bars & Hotels

Aqualite hotel and restaurnt digital signage display systems use anti glare and anti reflective display screens which help to create a modern and high-tech atmosphere. Content displayed includes menu listings, corporate image, room tariff, currency exchange rates, updated news, special events or promotions, greetings for organisational or special guests, manager’s name, messages for guests, and general information such as local weather, local sporting or entertainment events, market data, etc.

Hotels & Conference Venues

Aqualite hotel and restaurant digital advertising, menu and signage display screens can cut down costs of printed menus, signs and posters and provide the best solution for hotel conference centers and meeting rooms to handle ever-changing messages, such as event promotions and meeting agendas. Content displayed includes catering and menu information, daily occupancies and events, current conference, schedules and agendas and delegate information.

Hotel Foyers, Lounges & Lobbies

Content displayed includes menus, interactive information, floor plans, hotel guides to rooms and facilities, shopping information inside and outside the hotel, local tours, cruises, special attractions, cultural and special events or promotions, daily meetings, banquets and events.

Hotel Bars & Restaurants

Content displayed includes floor plans, hotel room and facility guides, special events and promotions for restaurants, bars, conventions, spas and general information such as weather, sports, market data, TV programmes, advertisements and special offers.

UK Outdoor TV Screens Retailers & Sign Companies

Aqualite Outdoor TV are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen reatailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers in the UK. Help us to succesfully develop outdoor advertising and signage business opportunities in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, Newcastle and Bradford

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