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Digital Retail POS Advertising Display Screens

Digital Retail POS Advertising

Aqualite Outdoor digital display screens can be used as indoor or outdoor retail advertising displays or as part of a digital signage system to manage queues or direct customers and passengers. Environments such as  petrol filling stations, car parks, outdoor retail outlets, shopping villages, supermarkets or shop entrances, busy areas in shopping centres and malls or even a car-wash!

Aqualite digital retail signage and advertising systems can fulfill and enhance a retailers marketing and promotional needs by offering a flexible and easy-to-use platform to display targeted advertising or to promote current offers and promotional information at the point-of-sale.

We’ve worked closely with our distributors to develop and offer the latest High Brightness, High  Visibility display screens to help companies keep their customers happy, entertained and informed, in an efficient, fun and cost effective way.

Retailers can use digital display systems for brand reinforcement or to broadcast or sell updated advertising to promote new product or services or to inform shoppers of opening times, promote café or restaurant menus, feed live news, weather and traffic conditions.

Digital Retail POS Advertising & Signage Displays

Aqualite retail advertising system can also update customers with live information, e.g. prices or product descriptions and also integrate product promotions with the stock control or inventory management system to launch suitable advertising programs automatically based on the inventory status in stores.

The content can include interactive information, such as: questionnaires, product introductions, floor plan/facilities of a mall and e-catalogs. The system can be enabled via a touch screen, bar code scanner, mouse, keyboard, or keypad.

Aqualite IP66-rated outdoor advertising display screens are designed with durable waterproof casings, waterproof cables and connections and feature 6mm tempered, toughened glass and are available in six screen sizes; 32″  42″  55″  65″ and 82″ with smaller or larger sizes available to order.

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