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Anti Glare, Anti Reflective Film For Daylight Readable TV Screens & Signs

AquaLite Outdoor TV screens have anti glare film to create an anti reflective, clear and protective coating that reduces sun and snow glare & reflection for higher visibility outside in daylight

At the recent Midwich Technology Exposed Showcase held at Ascot Race Course & with over 80 AV manufacturers in attendance Aqualite Outdoor decided that this would be an opportune time to show off their new anti reflective film and anti glare coating for outdoor  LCD and LED TV advertising & digital signage screens, panels, monitors & displays

AquaLite Outdoor are manufacturers and trade distributors of specialist IP66 rated waterproof & weatherproof outdoor TV screens. Kim Menen Director of Aqualite said ‘Whilst the AquaLite range of outdoor tv screens has 4 AR coatings on each side of the toughened glass, there is still an element of glare in really high ambient light environments. Outdoor environments can sometimes be especially bright and therefore cause unwanted reflection.’

Specially developed for AquaLite Outdoor the AQAR Film (AquaLite Anti Reflective Film) is easy to apply, 0.006mm thin, & reduces glare by an incredible 65%. All this as well as having anti scratch properties along with leaving no residue if removed & then re-used.

Bryan Denyar Editor & owner of the Trade publication AV News who watched a demonstration of the anti glare coating at the show commented that the film would be a great advantage to Education in high bright environments where glare is an issue in the classroom.

He also said that he wished to commit to some editorial for his News Paper & thought that anti glare film had great potential considering the market for outdoor advertising & digital signage screens, panels, monitors & displays

The anti glare film can be cut to the exact size required & exceeds a 50” surface area of an standard LCD or Plasma TV Screen.