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Anti Glare & Anti Reflective TV Display Screens

Anti Glare TV Display Screens

The largest obstacle to day light readable and viewable digital TV displays is the glare and reflection that comes as standard with the day light hitting the glass or acrylic screen.

Aqualite Outdoor TVs are coated with an anti glare film to reduce glare and reflection from the screen in outdoor or brightly lit locations.

By further enhancing the brightness and contrast levels of the TV panel, the use of this anti reflective coating ensures that television pictures are fully visible and digital signage is fully readable in daylight.

AquaLite Outdoor TV screens are coated 4 times with anti reflective coatings on both sides of the glass. So if you wish to remove even more glare for those extra bright sunny days then we have the answer.

Removing unwanted glare by a further 65% the AquaLIte Anti Reflective Film gives high visability outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight.

Anti Glare & Anti Reflective Film For TV Display Screens

Designers and architects alike specify Aqualite’s range of outdoor, all weather TV display screens for outdoor advertising, digital messaging and signage display installations in retail, hospitality, education, corporate, transportation, health care, outdoor event, marine and entertainment locations.

Contact us for more information about becoming a distributor or supplier of Aqualite’s range of high visibility TV display screens.