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Outdoor TV Digital Display Screens For Pub Gardens

Aqualite Outdoor TV digital display screens are 100% UK weatherproof and have an anti glare and non refective TV screen. These commercial use digital advertising and signage display systems are perfect for showing football matches outdoors in  pub gardens, beer gardens, courtyards, patios and terraces. etc.

Large Outdoor TV Screens For Home & Pub Gardens

Aqualite Outdoor TV display screens for pub gardens, beer gardens and patios are designed and built to consistantly deliver crystal clear pictures in all settings and in all UK weather conditions.

Owners of pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants can profit from showing football matches outdoors in the outside seating areas. The Aqualite Outdoor range of IP66 rated waterproof, weatherproof and football fan proof range of outdoor TV screens offer the highest possible quality for all landscaping, garden design and leisure installations.

Digital Display Screens For Pubs, Bars & Beer Gardens

  • In wet weather, the screens are totally waterproof and resistant to rain, sleet and snow.
  • In hot or cold weather, the TV thermostat ensures the TV works in all temperatures -24F to 122F.
  • If the weather is bright, anti glare coatings ensure the TV pictures are fully readable in daylight.
  • If the weather is dull, LED back lit display screens double the brightness of the average TV

Aqualite Outdoor TVs are suitable for domestic & residential installation in gardens and also for digital advertising and signage display systems in garden centres, flower shows, outdoor events, nurseries, pub gardens, beer gardens, etc.

UK Outdoor TV Screens Retailers & Sign Companies

Aqualite Outdoor TV are currently recruiting outdoor TV screen retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers and suppliers in the UK. Help us to successfully develop outdoor advertising and signage business opportunities in London, Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Leicester, Newcastle and Bradford

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